Liberals Host Islamic Sharia Women-Only Pool Day, Regret It After Seeing ‘Gift’ They Leave

To show that they’re not “xenophobic,” liberals decided to graciously host a Sharia-compliant, women-only pool day in which men were banned. However, they immediately regretted offering such accommodations when they discovered the “surprise” that their guests left behind in the pool.
Although leftists claim that Muslims merely want acceptance and tolerance, the push for our submission to Sharia law never ceases until it is the supreme legislation. Whether by mass migration or high birth rate, Muslims are determined to not only become the religious majority in every nation they’ve ever infiltrated but to eradicate all other laws, ideologies, and cultures “until there is no disbelief and the religion is for Allah,” as the Quran ultimately mandates.

Through political correctness, Islam has successfully established itself as a powerful minority in the West, slowly pushing its host countries to implement Sharia-compliant legislation one step at a time. Incredibly, the left unquestionably capitulates to their every ultimatum only to feign shock when their compassion and tolerance are met with abuse, threats, and more demands.
When the liberal employees at a swimming pool in Hanover, Germany, heard the Muslim minority’s call for segregated sessions, they foolishly agreed, ignorant of their flagrant implementation of Sharia law. The pool staff officially announced that Fridays would be “women’s days,” directly discriminating against men. While patting themselves on the backs for alleged tolerance, the liberal hypocrites soon realized what happens when you give in to Muslims’ demands for Sharia recognition.

German newspaper Die Welt reports that after giving Muslim women their own official swim day, pool staff was horrified to discover that their Muslim guests had completely trashed the property and ruined the water supply by swimming in street clothes, leaving food behind, threatening staff members, and dying their hair in the pool. Ironically, Hanover spokesman Ulrike Serbent explained that the staff was shocked and dismayed to find that the Muslim women repaid their kindness by blatantly wrecking the pool.

“We wanted to avoid creating a xenophobic tone,” Serbent said, claiming that was the reason the problems were not publicised. “The women come from a different culture, in which bathing is understood more as a joint meeting and less as swimming.”

Serbent further explained that the women refuse to wear the proper swimming attire and insist upon swimming in jeans, having large “picnics” beside the pool, and using the water to dye their hair. Because of the seriousness of the threats directed at staff members, the business admitted that it will be forced to hire private security to protect employees at the beginning of 2018, according to Breitbart.
Despite the women repeatedly disregarding the rules and leaving behind enormous messes for staff to clean, the doltish leftists are still trying to make excuses in an effort to continue catering to the special interest group.

Serbent said, “We are working on effective measures. So we are thinking about whether to include the Integration Advisory Councils to talk to the women so that they behave differently with us.”

However, the Hanover pool staff should count themselves lucky that they’ve only encountered property destruction and threats of physical violence, as the result of welcoming in Muslim migrants is often far worse.

In January 2016, the Johannisbad swimming pool in Zwickau, Germany told the media that Muslim migrants have rendered their facility unsafe for native Germans, adding that they have caught them emptying their bowels in the pool, ejaculating into the hot tub, and raping females in the changing rooms.
In the same month, a mother reported that her 10-year-old daughter and 2 younger sons were surrounded by 6 migrant men who began masturbating at them in a pool in Austria.

Again, in the same month, a 17-year-old girl was gang-raped by 3 Syrian refugees in a public swimming pool in Munich. Disturbingly, all 3 attackers were released from police custody and tried under juvenile law because they claim to be child refugees.

In March 2016, a German mother discovered that a migrant had snatched her 4-year-old son and taken him to a nearby grotto in a bid to lure the woman away from witnesses. Once she came looking for her child, the asylum seeker attacked the mother in a horrific rape attempt. Fortunately, the woman managed to fight off her attacker and notify staff members, but not before the migrant had sexually assaulted her and fled the scene.

Similarly, because of the massive increase in sex crimes at public swimming pools, Sweden has attempted to prevent migrant sex attacks by implementing vigilantes who monitor swimmers. The self-titled “Groping Guard” in Kalmar consists of 4 female volunteers who patrol the pool in search of migrant molesters.
Europe is being forced to change its way of life in order to not only accommodate the incessant demands of the Muslim minority but combat their subsequent attacks as well, proving that welcoming in unvetted migrants only leads to the rise of religious supremacy. Of course, his takeover should be expected as history has proven that, no matter which country they’re in, Muslims repay any generous accommodation of their religious compulsions by demanding more until their hosts have fully submitted to Sharia law.

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