Pro-Trump Actor’s EPIC TAKEDOWN of De Niro is Breaking the Internet!

Hollywood needs more Patriotic and pro-Trump actors like James Woods and Robert Davi!

After De Niro’s epic “F Trump” meltdown, Davi spoke to TMZ and gave a powerful response that is now breaking the internet!

This is not the first time Davi went BIG in stumping for Trump.

During the 2016 Election, Davi gave THIS epic interview calling Trump “The last hope for America” that was a viral classic!

From DailyCaller

Davi, speaking to TMZ, proceeded to deliver a fiery rebuke of De Niro’s impromptu speech, saying, “It was disgusting. He shouldn’t have done it. It’s art, art unites people, it doesn’t separate people. No matter how you feel about a president … or a candidate … you know, this is still America, and we should at least have respect and a certain decorum.”

But then the “Die Hard” actor lowered his sunglasses and addressed De Niro directly, taking a much harsher tone. He said, “It was disgusting what you did, Mr. De Niro, I respect you as an actor, but it was disgusting what you did, all right? And everyone who stood up. That’s my feeling.”

Davi started to walk away, but turned to make one last point. He said, “I didn’t agree with President Obama, but I respected him. I met him, we shook hands. All right? You don’t do that, you don’t … alienate people like that.”


What do you think of Robert Davi’s rebuke of De Niro?

Do you agree De Niro is a DISGRACE that needs to learn some RESPECT?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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