Former Black Lives Matter member reveals George Soros are behind all

A lot of the black leaders are straight leading us to our demise. They have us doing their dirty work,” a former member of the Black Lives movement says. “Sometime around the end of 2015, I began to notice infiltrators coming into the movement…going online, making fake pages,” he says.
On this video YouTuber named Chaziel Sunz claims that he was a member of the Black Lives Matter movement. After going deeper and deeper into the organization however, he discovered that things weren’t exactly what he thought they were…and in fact, they were much, much different.

“These fake people, part of the black movement or whatever you want to call it, were basically feeding off our emotions,” he says. Sunz adds that the black leaders and infiltrators continually pushed them to be far left, which isn’t surprising considering the Soros funds and their ties to far left movements.

“For the people who still are believing that this black movement, even some of these white movements, are legitimate…man, you have a lot of growing to do,” he said. “The black leaders, a lot of the black leaders—and I want to hit with this video—are straight leading us to our demise, okay?”

They’ve got us working, basically for them, because how they’re getting us is they’re playing us emotionally. They’re basically saying how racist and how messed up guys on the far right and the neo-nazis are, because they need all the help that they can get,” he says.

“So they’re getting the gays, the people of other cultures…black people, anybody who doesn’t like Donald Trump, they’re basically trying to get you to fight for a war that is being started on American turf, very very soon…and they want us to be a part of their side.”

He urges black activists to realize the truth of the matter. “The movement has been compromised,” he says. “Everybody needs to know that. #BLM…it is not even a real black organization, it never was. I actually feel bad that I’ve been keeping a lot of this information cooped up for long.”

“If you have any kind of brain, you know #BLM is endorsed by the Soros and the Clinton family. If you have any kind of a brain you know those same people don’t give a damn about you, don’t give a damn about black people, don’t give a damn that they’re exploiting the black plight to make money off of you.”

Conspiracy theorists have been noting for years now that these radical leftist movements are often tied to politicians such as Clinton and Obama—but what’s worse is their puppet master, George Soros, often funnels billions of dollars into these groups meant to undermine society.

“I want to make this simple. The left is going against the right—it’s a huge civil war that’s being planned out. I want to make this simple! It’s happening right now and what they want, is for everybody to choose a side consciously or subconsciously,” he said.

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