Home Invasion Thug Stabs 75-Year-Old Man, 80-Year-Old Wife BLOWS THUG AWAY

his is quite an interesting tale that we have coming our way from Monroe in Washington. A 25-year old intruder apparently broke into the house of an elderly couple in the middle of the night.

The 75-year old husband saw him, and probably tried to raise the alarm. So, the intruder started stabbing him. Thankfully for the old man, and unfortunately for the intruder, the old man’s badass wife was still home.

She’s 80, but has the heart of a 25-year old. Just as she saw her husband at risk, she went ahead and grabbed her gun. Being a strong woman of the country, she knew how to fire. And so she did. She straight away walked into the room where the intruder was stabbing her husband, and shot him dead. The intruder had previous criminal records.

Just as the old woman shot the intruder, she called up 911. The old man was taken to the Harborview Medical Center. He’s now in stable condition. The old woman is obviously being hailed as a hero! She saved her husband’s life so bravely after all!

When a reporter, Rob Munoz, asked the police about any charges against the old woman for killing the intruder, they told her that the ‘Major Crimes’ department will do an investigation. And whatever there findings are, they will forward to the relevant prosecutor.

What do you think should this woman be charged for? Being awesome? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: http://www.lifeofarider.com

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