PAYBACK: Trump Supporter Gets the ULTIMATE Revenge Against Robert De Niro!

Well, well, well, payback’s a b*tch Mr. De Niro!

During the final curtain call of Robert De Niro’s play ‘A Bronx Tale,” a patriotic Trump supporter found his way to the front of the stage and unveiled a gigantic “Trump 2020/Keep America Great” flag!

A Trump supporter waved a “Keep America Great” flag during the curtain call for the Robert De Niro-directed musical “A Bronx Tale” this weekend. It was an apparent payback for the actor’s profane anti-Trump rant at the Tony Awards the previous week.

The incident occurred at the end of the 8 p.m. showing of “A Bronx Tale” on June 16, and was captured in Twitter photos posted by audience members Joe Del Vicario and Stacy Stahl.

The Trump supporter quietly held up a large “Keep America Great” campaign flag as cast members from “A Bronx Tale” took their final bows.

While liberals accused the Trump supporter of “interrupting” the performance, in reality he silently held up the flag after the performance ended, as the photos clearly show. Much of the audience didn’t even notice the flag.

The incident appears to have been a reaction to Robert De Niro’s profanity-laced tirade when he ranted, “F**k Trump!” at the 2018 Tony Awards.

President Trump responded by mocking De Niro as a “low-IQ” actor who’s “punchy” after having been hit in the head too many times.

While liberals are outraged at the Trump supporter’s silent protest of the De Niro musical, they gleefully cheered when an actor from the Broadway musical “Hamilton” loudly lectured Vice President Mike Pence from the stage.

Liberals around the country applauded the spectacle, saying it was their patriotic duty to try to embarrass the vice president for merely attending the show.

Meanwhile, many on Twitter had no sympathy for Robert De Niro’s musical being interrupted with the same kind of grandstanding he did at the Tony Awards.

Theo remarked: “How appropriate. Actor engages in politics and now politics engage him in the theater.”

Jacqueline E. tweeted: “It’s OK for De Niro to ruin the awards show with obscenities? Let’s keep in mind the people that stood R the same people who stayed silent over Weinstein’s rapes for fear of not getting jobs.”

One person observed: “Im old enough to remember when VP Mike Pence took his wife to see Hamilton and was berated and lectured by the entire cast.”

G.Mo. remarked: “I wonder if he was just as upset and outraged when the cast of ‘Hamilton’ did that to Pence?”

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